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RE: Car wheel dollies

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Subject: RE: Car wheel dollies
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:44:13 -0800
> Has anyone used the small dollies that fit under each wheel? I'm
> looking for comments or suggestions before I buy a set of 4 for my
> Europa. I have a 2 car garage with only one door and I've got to get
> the daily driver inside for the winter. 5" of snow this past weekend
> have made this a bit more urgent!

I am using them.  I've learned that they are not all created equal, some of
the cheaper ones have plastic wheels on them and I'm told they don't roll as
well.  I got mine from HF on sale, after checking that they have cast iron
wheels on them.

Like many things from HF, it was a "kit" ... had to file off a little
casting flash, enlarge a bolt hole and so on to make everything fit right.
I also lubricated the wheel assemblies as well as I could, both the axles
(which are simple steel bushings running in cast iron wheels) and the ball
bearings in the casters.

Result worked quite well, I can (with some effort) move my Triumph Stag
(appx 3000 pounds) sideways with one hand.  (It helps that my car has AMCO
bumper bars that give a good place to push.)  I've only got a pair under the
rear of the car at the moment, but I liked them so well that I bought
another pair the next time they went on sale.


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