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Re: Floor Grinding

To: "Karl Vacek" <>,
Subject: Re: Floor Grinding
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 17:39:27 -0500
> I've done this to level a concrete slab prior to installing a
> wood floor. I rented a rotary floor grinder and diamond bits.
> As the project progressed we found more areas to do, so
> we actually rented the machine a second time just before
> finally putting in the floor.

Thanks Karl, Roland and Bob, all of which answered my question... with 3 out
of 3 successful users on this list, I will give it an attempt and try to get
my slab flat using one of thise grinders.  I am picking up the grinder
Thursday, $75 for a one day rental, which is not too costly.

I am doing the same thing Karl did, there will be a wood laminate floor
going over the slab.  It is Japanese Cherry and is arriving on Friday, it
should look great when done!  I decided on using the ALLOC flooring brand,
which has an integral aluminum reinforcing rib at the joints.  The ALLOC
stuff also has a lifetime guarantee and I felt they had the nicest choice of
finishes; this brand was immediately visually superior to Pergo and all the
other brands.  $5.50 sq ft from the local flooring place... would have been
cheaper with online dealers but with HUGE freight charges for the 320sq

Thanks again for the tips!


Kai M. Radicke
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