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Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 07:59:31 -0600
I've done this to level a concrete slab prior to installing a wood floor. I
rented a rotary floor grinder and diamond bits.  As the project progressed
we found more areas to do, so we actually rented the machine a second time
just before finally putting in the floor.

If someone tells you (as they told me the first time) that you can do it dry
and pick up the dust by attaching a vacuum, don't believe them.  Silicosis
is one risk, filth and frustration is another.  I have no idea why there's a
vacuum connection on the machine - maybe for removing dried glue or
something.  Besides, it just doesn't work very well.  With water it's a
sloppy job but relatively painless, working much faster and no mask
required.  When I was done, the concrete I'd ground looked like dull

The biggest bother is cleaning up.  In our case, my wife handled the water
and the wet vac, and I ground.  Every so often I'd stop grinding and we'd
clean up and check level.

We probably cut down as much as 1/2" in spots, but most areas were only
about 1/4" high.  It's not as slow as you might imagine -- in the second
rental, we just took the machine for 3 hours, including at least 45 minutes
of travel time, cleaning the machine, loading and unloading, set-up, etc.
At that time we cut down three areas ranging from 3' to 5' in diameter, and
probably cut as much as 3/8" off the middle of the largest area.

Sure makes me happy now that the quarter-sawn oak floor is installed,
finished, and pool-table flat   :-)

Good luck !


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> Does anyone have experience with methods / equipment to grind down high
> spots on a concrete pad?
> How successful can a DIYer do this work with rented  equipment?
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