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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 18:49:08 -0400
Steve do the research but before you do this be sure to check out where
your water table is in early spring.....if I had put one of those in my
pole barn I would have had a fish tank until about late June. Also, I
think when you start costing out the digging necessary, building the
forms and pouring a pit you might find it cheaper to buy some kind of
lift. I have a two post above ground and don't know how I got along for
so many years without it. A friend of mine has one of these sort of
portable scissor type hydraulic lifts that you drive over. He plays with
Minis and it is perfect for them. 

One other thing to think about on the pit is that they provide a
wonderful place to store gasoline fumes if you happen to have a gas
leak. Also make a perfect place to go BOOM!

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I'm thinking back to an older house we owned many years ago. 
I didn't know it until after we purchased the house and the owners 
had cleaned out the garage, but it had a mechanic's pit on one side 
of the garage.  I've been doing some research on these pits and got 
to wondering what other names could be used.  We're getting ready 
to build a new home (and shop) and I want to check out the building 
codes for any consideration necessary.
I've used:
mechanic's pits
lube pits
grease pits 

Anyone care to add to the list?

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