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What do you call.........

To: "Shop Talk" <>
Subject: What do you call.........
From: "Steve Hammatt" <>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 14:13:26 -0700
I'm thinking back to an older house we owned many years ago. 
I didn't know it until after we purchased the house and the owners 
had cleaned out the garage, but it had a mechanic's pit on one side 
of the garage.  I've been doing some research on these pits and got 
to wondering what other names could be used.  We're getting ready 
to build a new home (and shop) and I want to check out the building 
codes for any consideration necessary.
I've used:
mechanic's pits
lube pits
grease pits 

Anyone care to add to the list?

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