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RE: Metal building style shop sizes/prices?

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Subject: RE: Metal building style shop sizes/prices?
From: "Mike Frerichs" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 23:23:41 -0500
FYI:  30x30 is only one quarter the square footage of 60x60, so I would
hope it would cost less than half.  But then again, I probably know even
less than you about the cost of putting up a building

Mike Frerichs

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My ideal size would be around 60x60 or so.  That's let me have
in there that I'd want indoors, plus have one wall have an "office" on
ground floor and a reasonable apartment on the 2nd floor.


I also don't know how costs scale.  For instance, would a 30x30 building
be half as much all included?

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