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RE: No Start Update.

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Subject: RE: No Start Update.
From: "Keith Kaplan" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:43:11 -0800
The first post mentioned that he could hear the solenoid click, so
presumably the ignition switch and the park/clutch switch are working
right.  Next test might be powering the starter without it in the car at
all.  If some issue with the flywheel (badly damanged teeth) is
preventing the solenoid from kicking all the way out, it won't close the
contacts for the starter.  

I've also had a car once where the starter had enough play on its
mounting bolts that it wouldn't line up right to engage with the
flywheel unless I had it in the lucky spot when I torqued the bolts
down.  There too the solenoid clicked but didn't go out all the way.

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If you bypass the ignition switch wiring, does the starter spin at all?


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