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RE: Truck bed liners

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Subject: RE: Truck bed liners
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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 13:43:07 -0400

I have a sprayed on bedliner in my F150. I love it. Holds up
real well. It isn't the Line-X version, but one applied by
Zeibart a few years ago. (not Rhino.) I bought my truck used
and contemplated having the bed repainted and then using a
liner versus just having it sprayed. I would do it again.

Doug Mitchell
'98 F150

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Subject: Truck bed liners

I'm looking in to getting some kind of a bed liner for my new
shop truck (mandatory shop content :-) and was wondering if
anyone has any opinions on these. I'm leaning towards a spray-in
vs. drop-in. At the race track this weekend I got a sample of
a coating by Line-X and it looks pretty good. Nice and thick,
not too rough but seems to have good slip resistance. Anyone
ever use this?


Drew Rogge

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