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Re: Gasket and Gasket-less Sealers

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Subject: Re: Gasket and Gasket-less Sealers
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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 09:17:46 -0600
   I'm surprised you couldn't get all the info you needed from the Permatex
website. At ther very least you should try to get ahold of the full Permatex
    But, in general:

Blue - original, standard apps without Oxygen sensor.  Oil pans, valve
Black - pretty much like Bue, just different color.
Super Blue - oxygen sensor safe.  Use like blue or black.
Orange - hot applications - header flanges.
Copper - even hotter.
Grey - I think this is a minor variation to fit a GM spec number.

If you are going to have to separate the joint routinely, and    re-assemble
it a little oily, then Hylomar is still the only choice. Best representative
Hylomar application is Hewland gear changes.

Rex Burkheimer

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Subject: Gasket and Gasket-less Sealers

> Thought I'd get smart and check, since we are in a new millennium, which
> products are now considered best for engine rebuilding. Found the
> Permatex web site and found about 6 different RTV type sealers all
> recommended for sealing the same or almost the same components. Local
> distributor only carries the black - "Don't need anything else".
> What do listers recommend - red, blue, black, gray, copper . . . . ?  -
> and Why?  (I assume the various colors aren't just to match the engine
> color!)
> Or do I just go back to making gaskets and spraying with Hylomar?
> Speaking of which I see Permatex now markets Hylomar in tubes - all very
> confusing.
> And when is a gasket adhesive used rather than a sealer?
> I did read the handy little Permatex booklet - but there's so much
> double talk I'm no wiser. For instance the Blue was referred to as "The
> original RTV Sealer" - is that good? - or not so good?
> I hate my engines to leak - so please - recommendations.
> I'm not talking head gaskets or exhaust - even I know THEY are
> different.
> Thx - Derek
> (PS - that I'm rebuilding in mid November is some kind of a record.)

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