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Re: welders

Subject: Re: welders
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 06:34:53 -0500


Let me preface this with "I'm no expert welder"   but I know some.   I
purchased a reconditioned rental unit from the local AirGas Distributor.
It is a Hobart Handler 130 amp unit... came in a nice case almost like a
Samsonite suitcase that the big gorilla throws around.  Its a commercial
grade unit and I'm very pleased with it.  It does all I need to do with my
truck project and I've had several real welders use it and they were very
pleased with it's  output.  It will handle 1/4" stuff with no problem and
the light stuff...door panels, body panels give it no grief at low settings
either.   Consumables and parts are available at my local Air gas man, for
me an advantage cause they have an office inside our plant.

Don't know how much you're wanting to spend, but if you're on a budget
check out this option.  Mine ran me around $200 bucks and like I said it
was a rental unit that they took out of service and went thru it completely
before i bought it...


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I'm looking for welder advice: Does anyone have any recommendations for
purchasing a MIG welder?  110v or 220v, Lincoln/Miller/Century/other?

Both positive and negative comments would be appreciated.


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