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Re: welders

Subject: Re: welders
From: "Richard Boyce" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 21:24:01 MDT

Personally I wouldn't consider any machine that is not 220 volt. The 110 
volt machines do not have enough amps to weld anything but thin materials 
and if you do crank them up then the duty cycle is very short. It really 
depends on your intended use of the machine now and in the future. I would 
not consider any machine that does not say Lincoln or Miller on it. Why? 
Because when you need a part, a consumable, it is as close as your nearest 
supply house. Stick with the industry leaders and you can't go wrong.
Miller makes a Millermatic 185 that would make an excellent hobbiest 
machine, also the Miller Vintage is an excellent machine, a modern day 
version of the Millermatic 35.
In addition the 220 machines offer the capability of using different wire 
sizes, and types and being able to use a spool gun for alum. welding.

>From: "Gene Merritt" <>
>Reply-To: "Gene Merritt" <>
>To: "Shop-Talk" <>,   "oletrucks" 
>Subject: welders
>Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 21:11:17 -0500
>I'm looking for welder advice: Does anyone have any recommendations for
>purchasing a MIG welder?  110v or 220v, Lincoln/Miller/Century/other?
>Both positive and negative comments would be appreciated.


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