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Re: Breaking concrete

To:, Shop Talk <>
Subject: Re: Breaking concrete
From: Bill Rabel <>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 16:58:06 -0700
> I wanted to remove this lip.  Can I do this with a mortar chisel?  Should I
> use a jack hammer (I never have used one before)
> What can I do to knock down this lip without destroying the wall?  Thanks.

Use an electric chipping hammer. Bosch mackes a good one. You should be
able to rent one at nearly any rental yard. My company (Star Rentals)
has rented them for twenty years. They are much easier to direct than a
'jackhammer' (paving breaker), and cheaper and easier to transport, too.

The other suggestion I saw about using a masonry blade on a circular saw
is pretty good, too. Sometimes, if you're going to patch the cut anyway,
scoring the cut with a saw and breaking it with a chipping hammer is
most economical, because you use fewer blades.

- Bill

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