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Breaking concrete

Subject: Breaking concrete
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 13:11:21 -0400
Question about breaking concrete...
In the new place, there is a shop that is made of concrete (cinder block
On the one end the door is about 2 feet off the ground level.  I wanted to
make a ramp to come up to the door level.
The problem is that the concrete wall has about a 3" lip above the floor.
This makes the door opening about 2" too small.
I wanted to remove this lip.  Can I do this with a mortar chisel?  Should I
use a jack hammer (I never have used one before)
What can I do to knock down this lip without destroying the wall?  Thanks.

(Hopefully I was clear enough with the email.  There is no wood involved on
the bottom.  It's a cinderblock wall with a pour floor.  The wall has a 3"
lip above the poured floor.)

Thanks for the help.


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