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Re: paint guns

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Subject: Re: paint guns
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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 08:27:56 -0500
     I have two cheap guns, a $25 convemtional gun, and a $50 HVLP, both
from Harbor Freight.  I have used the convention gun once, to paint my steel
trailer ramps. I did this ouside, and it fogged up the whole neighborhood.
I was afraid someone was going to call the EPA!!
    I've since used the HVLP gun twice, once to do a fender, the other to do
a whole car. Overspray was nefligible. I painted a whole compact car with 3
paint-cups of thinned paint - about a quart of unthinned paint.  Overspray
was practically nonexistant.
    I don't think there's any comparison. HVLP is the way to go.

Rex Burkheimer
 J-CON Coordinator, WM Automotive Whse      Fort Worth TX
Texas Region SCCA     FC #19  ITB #49

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Subject: paint guns

> Has anyone on the list had any experience with the HVLP type of paint
> spraying system?  I am wondering how it compares to the old style of
> spray gun.  I have seen these advertised and they talk of very little
> overspray and large material savings.  I am wondering how the finish
> looks and goes on, any help?
> Charlie
> 59 half step

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