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Re: paint guns

Subject: Re: paint guns
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 22:17:51 -0500
I'm no professional but I switched to one of those HVLP guns that uses a
regular compressor a couple of years ago . 
The one caution I would offer is be sure you have a big enough
compressor. I  was using a 2 hp unit and it did not deliver enough air to
the gun . The guns performance was so poor I had to switch back to my old
gun for the job .
  I went to a 5 HP two stage unit and it works wonderfully . 
With the cost of materials going up as it is, the savings is nice as is
the great reduction in dust and over spray. 
Bob Nogueira

On Sun, 03 Oct 1999 07:29:22 -0700 charlie kish <>
>Has anyone on the list had any experience with the HVLP type of paint
>spraying system?  I am wondering how it compares to the old style of
>spray gun.  I have seen these advertised and they talk of very little
>overspray and large material savings.  I am wondering how the finish
>looks and goes on, any help?
>59 half step

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