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Re: Fluke Automotive meters

Subject: Re: Fluke Automotive meters
From: (Chris Kantarjiev)
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 16:28:41 -0800
The 88 is a pretty amazing thing. I lust after one. I bought an 87
instead.  I use the temperature stuff more than anything else - all my
cars with old, non-resistive ignition wiring  and/or multi-spark boxes
just tend to confuse the inductive pickup.  I finally figured out how
to use the tach output from my Crane HI-6 to drive it, though.

Just after I bought mine, I found an ad in the back of SportsCar for
what seemed to be a similar meter at half the price. GRM probably runs
them too.

However - I suspect that my Fluke will outlast those other meters. For
someone who's going to be a pro and beat this thing every day, it's
likely worth the extra money - just like my 1/2 and 9/16 Snap-On
wrenches are worth it to me, since I used them more than any other.

"Money spent on good tools is never wasted."

(What I really want is one of the Fluke automotive handhelds with
built in oscilloscope...)

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