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RE: Fluke Automotive meters

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Subject: RE: Fluke Automotive meters
From: Mark Miller <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 15:05:45 -0800

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Sent:   Tuesday, January 21, 1997 2:14 PM
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Subject:        Re: Fluke Automotive meters

At 03:12 PM 1/21/97 -0500, wrote:

> Fellow Car nuts, my kid is taking automotive mechanicing at Jr.
> College, if he completes the course, my retirement is SET!   And
> he'll have a nice yatch too!!
> He has asked me to help out by buying him a Fluke model ET88DMM....
> this thing is $430 bucks in the MAC tool catalog.

> So the question is, do any of you know how I can get one cheaper!!

If it is only a DMM, there are 2 ways.

  1. Don't purchase from MAC
  2. Don't purchase a Fluke - Fluke and Simpson are the MAC & SNAP ON of
     electronic tools.

I have a Simpson DMM that cost me almost $400 years ago.  Only problem,
is the da#% liquid crystal display is shot.  For most trouble shooting
(granted that usually is older cars - ie. non-computerized I use an
analogue meter I got a Radio Shack on sale for $17 about 20 years ago.

If he really needs a DMM to measure the voltage from O2 sensors, etc.
almost any DMM should do.>>>

The fluke 88 has a couple of ranges that don't show up on a standard DMM. 
 There is an inductive pickup that you pop over a sparkplug to read RPM,  a 
duty cycle reading for points dwell, fuel injector oncycle timing, etc., 
and min/max measurement storage (give a range of rpm during a test for 
None of this is really difficult to do with a normal meter, but if that is 
the way they are teaching the course. . .

Mark Miller
with a cheesy Fluke 77 that does me just fine.

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