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Re: Shop Equipment Thread: Parts Washer

To: James Babcock <>
Subject: Re: Shop Equipment Thread: Parts Washer
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 09:02:15 -0800
James Babcock wrote:
> Thanks for the info Steven.  I have been considering a parts washer for
> my garage, and this was very helpful.  One question:  What is TIP?
> Are they a discount tool supplier?  Could you post/send contact info?
> Thanks.

Not "discount", but inexpensive high quality sand blasters, cabinets,
air and turbine compressors. In Canfield OH, catalog from
1-800-321-9260, their web address (this info from Jan97
Hemmings). I've used two of their blasters for 10+ years, bought  my
first one at Carlisle. Jarl de Boer

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