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Shop Equipment Thread: Parts Washer

Subject: Shop Equipment Thread: Parts Washer
From: Steve Noe <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 13:57:31 -0500
I purchased a made in China parts washer from Northern Hydraulic.
It appears to be the same item, different color, as found
in Harbor Freight and maybe TIP, if memory serves me. It is the
20 gallon (I think) cheapest unit with bolt on stand.  The
best deal for one is currently $89.00 with free shipping from
Harbor Freight.  At least they are offering me free shipping
for some reason.

Caveats: The screws and nuts for assembling the stand were too
small for the holes they fit through.  I had to go out to the
hardware store for larger diameter fasteners.

I only used mine a few times since I put it together.  One morning I went
out and switched it on.  Tripped the ground fault indicator. Unplugged the
sucker, reset the GFI and plugged it in again.  Pop went the GFI.  Not good.
Haven't investigated the cause yet.

Using an aquaeus (sp) solvent as sold by Northern Hydraulic.
Note that this stuff should be mixed about one to one with 
water not 1 to 4 as it says in the catalog. 1 to 4 is for hot application.
Also, I am not pleased with the cleaning power of the solvent. PCI, the
solvent manufacturer/vendor, is located in Potomac, MD. They have stronger
water-mix solvents available.  Buying direct from them is cheaper than
buying from Northern Hydraulic. I have their number at home.

Last but not least, the flow from the washer pump is (was) kinda
thin and weak.  I notice everyone seems to sell a more powerful
pump for their washers.  No wonder.

Professional parts washers are available made of thermoplastic so
you don't have to worry about paint flecks clogging up the
washer filter (and whatever parts you are cleaning).  The 
cheapo units like mine come with the statement that the tub
is painted to prevent rust in shipping.  How thoughtful.

(end of caveats)

Sorry for the bandwidth but this may be helpful info for some.

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