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Re: Stuck Bolt (1987 Celica)

To: (John Fisher),
Subject: Re: Stuck Bolt (1987 Celica)
From: (John T. Blair)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:46:38 -0500
At 12:16 PM 1/13/97 -0600, John Fisher wrote:
> Problem: I can't get the pulley bolt off.

Henry Frye said

" You need more leverage!  A 14 inch long drive really doesn't provide
  very much force, even if you stand on it.  Find a pipe or something
  similar to slip over the handle of your 1/2 in drive and give it another

I couldn't agree more.  I keep a calibrated torque multiplier (a 3' to
4' piece of pipe in the garage) just for such problems.  However,
let me caution you of trying to hold the crankshaft puller while you
try to breake the bolt loose.  I don't know how the pulley on your
engine is set up.  I tried that on my Civic and broke one of the 
spokes out of the pulley.  When you increase the torque to the bolt,
and have something fairly thin to jam the pulley it acts as a knife
and can cut through the pulley.

I will also mention that the bolts seem to be exceedingly tight
on a lot of these engines.  I couldn't touch either of the crank
pully bolts with my $30 1/2" drive air wrench.  I stopped by a 
friends shop an he broke pulley bolts loose on both of my Hondas
so I could replace the timing belts.  I eventually purchased an
Ingersol Rand (sp) Pro impact wrench that has removed many many
bolts and nuts that my cheaper wrench would not touch.  The guns
performance also depends on the air compressor you are using.
I've seen people try to use a compressor with no accumulator to
a 1/2 gal accumulator without any luck.  Not that it is required
but I'd suggest that you be using at least a 4 to 5 hp compressor
with a 10 gal accum. minimumn.

Again Henry Frye says:

" I would NOT grind the head off the bolt and go thru the shenanagins
  you describe."

And again I strongly agree.  IMHO you'd just be asking for more problems
that you want.

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