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Stuck Bolt (1987 Celica)

Subject: Stuck Bolt (1987 Celica)
From: (John Fisher)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 12:16:53 -0600
Situation: I have exhausted almost all alternatives and am appealing to the
list for help. My son (18 y/o) has been driving a 1987 Toyota Celica (2200
cc DOHC). The crank pulley quit working (on examination, the groves for the
serpentine belt were almost totally gone - remnants were what appeared to
be glued-on rubber).

Problem: I can't get the pulley bolt off. The manual prescribes a tool to
be inserted into the pulley (my read is that its function is to keep engine
from turning as pressure is applied to unscrew the bolt. I improvised a
stop using a quarter inch punch inserted into a hole in the pulley, and
supported on a jack. I have applied torque including !standing! on the end
of a 14" half inch drive I weigh >250 lbs). I have used (not necessarily in
this order) liquid wrench, have heated (with a propane torch), and have
used an airgun to try and loosen the #$!*&## bolt, and nothing has worked.
During this process, I also checked with the Toyota people to verify that
the bolt was right-hand threaded (they said it was).

If the list offers no insights, I plan to try drifting the bolt loose with
a cold chisel. Failing that, cut the head of the bolt off using my trusty
dremel tool, remove old pulley, extract bolt using extractor or drill & tap
crankshaft where original bolt went, replace pulley, and use new bolt.

Since clearances are a problem in terms of getting to the bolt with the
dremel tool, I'd rather see if anyone has an idea for removing that I
haven't tried. I am reluctant to apply much more heat because the engine is
in the car, and I don't want to have to remove the engine, or have the fire
department visit the garage. Please help! Thanks

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