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Re: Condensate all over the LBC!!

To: George Procyshyn <>
Subject: Re: Condensate all over the LBC!!
From: Paul Hammarstedt <>
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 18:09:08 -0600
George Procyshyn wrote:

> I'm here in Cleveland Ohio and we're having an indian summer. Yesterday,
> Jan. 3. it was 56 degrees out, and today Jan. 4. it was 64 and everything in
> it including the walls  have been soaking wet for the last two days....
> I know I have to spend some money to fix this, but (this is where I need the
> help) what should I spend it on? Insulation? what kind and how to attach it
> to a brick wall? What about the roof?  Vapor barrier? Again where & how.
> Ventilation, how much?  Heat? I can do that by putting a gas line out to the
> garage, (fairly easy) and hang a natural gas heater/blower from a ceiling
> joist. Is this the right approach?  What about the concrete floor? Is anyone
> else having this problem? This is the first winter for these LBC's in this
> garage.
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated. . .What to do, what to do, what to do???


I had the same problem, on the same day, near Chicago.  It happens
because the garage and all the contents of the garage are colder than
the dew point of the air.  The easies way to dry it out is to heat
everything to a temperature above the dewpoint (and ventilate the vapor
if necessary.

I have a gas unit heater in the garage.  It didnt take long to dry
everyting off.

Paul Hammarstedt

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