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Condensate all over the LBC!!

Subject: Condensate all over the LBC!!
From: George Procyshyn <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 02:36:28 GMT
Happy New Year to all! Best wishes for happy times and LBC miles!
I'm here in Cleveland Ohio and we're having an indian summer. Yesterday,
Jan. 3. it was 56 degrees out, and today Jan. 4. it was 64. This you might
think is ..... GOOD but this has caused a BIG problem in my garage.

My garage is un insulated, unheated, constructed of brick, poured cement
floor and a frame roof. It has a SMALL  bit of ventilation and everything in
it including the walls  have been soaking wet for the last two days. Imagine
going into your garage with a spray bottle, opening every drawer in your
tool box and spritzing everything inside! Then go to your favorite LBC and
do the same to the engine, body, interior, everywhere. I can write my name
in the condensate, and I KNOW my LBC's don't like living underwater. I had
to hang up the nylon car covers to dry out.  This is amazing!

I know I have to spend some money to fix this, but (this is where I need the
help) what should I spend it on? Insulation? what kind and how to attach it
to a brick wall? What about the roof?  Vapor barrier? Again where & how.
Ventilation, how much?  Heat? I can do that by putting a gas line out to the
garage, (fairly easy) and hang a natural gas heater/blower from a ceiling
joist. Is this the right approach?  What about the concrete floor? Is anyone
else having this problem? This is the first winter for these LBC's in this
Any suggestions greatly appreciated. . .What to do, what to do, what to do???

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