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Re: Air Compressors

Subject: Re: Air Compressors
From: Bruce Wentzel <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 12:45:30 -0500
I have hooked up 2 compressors in parallel and it does supply ~ the sum of
the two compressors capacity.  The one anomoly was synchronizing the
pressure switches of the two.  I can't recall what was happening now, but I
had to fiddle with them to get them coordinated (another carburetor
analogy?)  Each compressor still had it's original tank, so I had ton's o'


>> If you hook up two 2-3 Hp compressors each with an out put of ,say,  
>> CFM both feeding a common storage tank, will the result be in the
>> ballbark of 18 CFM ?
>> Bob Nogueira
>I've been thinking about this, since I have one good 2 HP already.  I
>don't see why you could not simply create (out of iron or copper pipe) 
>manifold that has an inlet from each compressor and an outlet (with a
>regulator) for your sandblaster or whatever.  You could install a 
>valve on one compressor so you used just one for small jobs, and crank
>both up when sandblasting. 
>Can anyone think why this would not work?  

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