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RE: Air Compressors

Subject: RE: Air Compressors
From: (Thomas Walter)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 15:42:15 CST
[feeding the output of one compressor into the INLET of the
second one}:

>George Gorman comments:
>You have craftily found the limit of my knowledge on the subject.  I 
>respectfully defer to more qualified individuals on this one, except to say 
>that my gut feling is that it's got to be more complicated than that.  But 
>again, a two-stage compressor does essentially what you're proposing.

Possible, but is that SECOND COMPRESSOR designed for 175 psi?

Just for fun, next time you look at air compressors, notice the
"V" arrangement between cylinders.  Think of the phasing of the
two pistons, so the first one supplies compressed air to the
second. Also notice the size of the cylinders? Why is one larger 
than the other?  

For hooking up two seperate compressors to a common manifold, with
a common output... you are OK as long as both are rated at the

You want LOTS of volume... remember the old Popular Science article
about using 1/2 of a VW engine as a compressor... the other bank
still running!  (1970's... uh oh, I am getting older. ;-)


Tom Walter
Austin, TX.

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