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Re: rebuilding electric motors?

Subject: Re: rebuilding electric motors?
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 09:33:55 -0800
Thanks for the starter help guys!

>$35 for Brushes... ouch! Still cheaper than a starter.

I had considered trying to find the brushes from other
sources for less, but had some second thoughts about it.
There are actually 4 brushes in there; 2 are attached to
a lead which goes to the solenoid ($11), and the other
2 are soldered to the brush holder (24).  The brushes in
there now are definitely worn and need replacement.  I think
I could probably find generic brushes for less, but then
I'd have to have someone do all the soldering work (I
don't think my 85W Weller can handle leads that thick);
the cost of this will probably save me, what, $10?  So I
figure I'd just save myself the hassle of running around.
And besides, these things will fit the first time...(I'm 

>CLean the copper with a NON_METALLIC "000 synthetic - steel 
>wool". Just polish is till it is bright. If you can "polish 
>them up" and see at least 90% of the area making good contact 
>no need to worry about it.

Thanks; that's what I needed to hear.  I had thought to use
some steel wool until I thought again; your note clicked in
my head to use some crocus cloth or a scotchbrite pad.

>There is NO grease in there. Common to find it, as the rear main
>seal (rope!) will seep, and with an engine with LOTS of blowby
>I have found the starter soaked with oil. Still functioned, but
>was a mess.

I had thought there was some lube for the end bushing, but a closer
look tells me there's a sealed bearing in there with some sort of
thrust washer underneath.  I guess I'll have to clean it up as
best as I can (I figure solvent is a no-no here?)

>P.S. Mike - if you are at the Aloha plant. Baxters in
>Bearverton (Cedar Hills Blvd) is a good spot to ask about
>ths "starter rebuild kits". At least ONE PERSON there knew
>what I wanted, and needed. Been a while. ;-)

I'm over at the Jones Farm campus; close enough!  I'll drop
by there after work.

Thanks again for the help guys!

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