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rebuilding electric motors?

Subject: rebuilding electric motors?
From: Mike Lee - Team Banana Racing <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 21:35:03 -0800
Is anyone here familiar with rebuilding electric motors?  I didn't
feel like shelling out $150 to replace the starter in my car with
a rebuilt one (it's a Mitsubishi MIT74281ZC, btw), so I took it
apart to see what was wrong.
Well, it looked like the brushes were worn out, and surprisingly,
the Jeep dealer could order a new set for $35.  2 of the 4 brushes
were soldered onto the brush holder assembly, so I had to get them
that way; I supposed I could have gotten them more cheaply somewhere
else, but I don't think my Weller would be up to soldering those wires!
My question is about the armature; I cleaned out the grooves between
the copper contact strips with a pick (I figure the buildup in there
might have been causing some shorting).  The copper strips also seem
kinda pitted.  Is there something I should do to it?  Perhaps a little
light sanding with #400 to clean it up?  Also is there any sort of
lube that should go on the brushes; the original ones seem to have some
sort of greasy residue on them.

Sorry if this is a little off-topic, but I thought some of you guys
might have some experience with this stuff.


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