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Extrude Hone

Subject: Extrude Hone
From: Makoto Honjo <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 18:38:47 +0900
I have posted a similar message on sol so you might have read 
more or less the same thing already.  For those you you, my apologies.

I understand that there is a honing process called extrude hone, 
wherein you get a hydraulic press to push a viscous goo saturated with 
abrasives through an orifice.  I have read glowing comments of improved 
fuel efficiency and lower CO emmissions as a result of getting this 
process to work on the intake and exhaust manifolds.  

Have anyone on this list done any work using this process?  If so, what 
have been your experience with the process and its results?

Makoto Honjo
Phone/Fax +81-3-3473-1848

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