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CO Monitors

Subject: CO Monitors
From: (Guy Truex)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 01:27:50 -0500 (EST)
>It is now possible to get electronic CO detectors, like smoke
>detectors, (make a loud noise), I believe $10-20 or so.  Not
>sure where, I think I say these at Target stores.  Might be
>better because it you do get CO in the air, and get sleepy,
>it should make a racket & wake a person up to get out!

I have one of these in my shop. Its a model CO800 something.
The dummies that built it didn't put a brand name on it. I
think it was about $25.00 US. It works great anyway. I had a
car running outside one day and I opened a man door and
entered the shop. A little exhaust must have come in with me.
That thing went off...   very loud! It took about 5 minutes
for it to clear. There is one that is advertised that is more
expensive...   the NightHawk. I believe it even indicates the
level of CO somehow. I wouldn't have a shop without one... or
a home for that matter.

Guy Truex <>
Rock Creek, Ohio, USA

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