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Re: Air Nibbler (Well, sort of re:)

Subject: Re: Air Nibbler (Well, sort of re:)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 21:37:41 -0500
>Remember, it takes a lot of hand power to cut good
>metal.  I have not tried the air nibbler, but am going to buy >one shortly.

>I think your application may require the air nibbler, as >manuevering in
>the boot with a hand nibbler might not be possible.

The air nibbler I used requires around 1/2-1" in front of where it is going
around 2.5-3" to the sides, probably greater than 1 foot behind, and around 5
inches perpendicular to the work surface.  takes out around 1/4 inch of
metal, good up to around 20 guage steel (1/16"?)

They are amazing tools, I cut off 7-8 inches from 140 feet of trailer
skirting with one one winter (Friends girlfriend moved a trailer home, it was
8 inches lower than before, could not dig into the frozen ground) took around
1 to 1 1/2 hours to cut the entire length.  I highly recommend one! (Now if I
could buy my own...)

Scott M Ryan

PS: My compressor was a 2 HP 20 gal single stage.  only slightly smaller than
the "5" HP campbell hausefeld compressors (Who lie about thier HP ratings,
they are probably closer to 2.5hp motor output power)

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