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Re: Pink hand cleaner and Snap-On

Subject: Re: Pink hand cleaner and Snap-On
From: rotto@JUNO.COM (Roy P Otto)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 08:24:44 EST
Lee, I do not know what you had but Snap-On sells a very good hand
cleaner or at least did. We got it through the company I worked for.

We also got many other Snap-on tools and most were great tools.  The
standard screw drivers picked up the nickname of Snap-Off though because
the tips tended to break off rather easily.  I sure broke off many.  I
have never had similar problems with any other brands of screwdrivers.


<> writes:

>.  We always had a tub of gel-type hand cleaner, and it was a
>transparent (like Jell-o) pink and smelled pretty good.    Anybody got
an idea about what that pink hand cleaner was???

> Lee M. Daniels               

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