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Pink hand cleaner

Subject: Pink hand cleaner
From: "Lee Daniels," <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 0:19:33 -0600 (CST)
A long time ago (mid seventies) I spent some summers working on oil rigs in
Texas.  We always had a tub of gel-type hand cleaner, and it was a
transparent (like Jell-o) pink and smelled pretty good.  It cleaned up
greasy hands just as well as GoJo or Goop, but it smelled a lot better.  
But the part I liked the best was that it left my hands soft --- didn't dry 
them out.

I've always had Goop or GoJo in the garage, but about this time of year it 
really starts causing my hands to get dry and cracked, unlike the pink 
stuff.  Anybody got an idea about what that pink hand cleaner was???

 Lee M. Daniels                 Laboratory for Molecular Structure and Bonding                                         Texas A&M University
 '74 TR6  '77 MGB

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