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Re: Where to start with a seized engine

To: Peter Schauss x 2014 <>
Subject: Re: Where to start with a seized engine
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 14:19:44 -0400
Peter Schauss x 2014 wrote:
> A friend of mine was just given a 1986 Alpha Romeo with
> a seized engine.  He knows nothing at all about the
> condition of the engine.  My first reaction was to
> suggest that he pull the spark plugs and shoot some oil
> into the cylinders to see if he could make the engine turn over.

  Was it seized from rust or seized while in daily use?

  I don't know if I would recommend the above, for the reason
that the violent breaking loose could also release shards of
piston, rings, or cylinders, that would then go on to destroy
whatever is left and make the rebuilt a necessity.

  Generally, the procedure is to remove the block and let it
soak in penetrating oil or similar for a long period of time, like
days or weeks. Then you can work the crankshaft gently to try to
dislodge the pistons, then clean the bores, and put it all
together again.

  If for example a ring is melted to a bore from overheating, snapping
it loose with the starter might break it off, freeing it to
destroy an otherwise reusable bore.

   Trevor Boicey             1992 Celica GT (95% of the driving I do)        1975 MG Midget (95% of the repairs I do)

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