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Re: Where to start with a seized engine

To: Stan Fickes <>,
Subject: Re: Where to start with a seized engine
From: R John Lye <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 96 15:42:12 EDT
On Oct 7,  2:37pm, Stan Fickes wrote:
> When I bought my MGTD, the engine was also seized. 

Hmmm, the engine in my TR-3 was seized when I bought it.  Is
there a pattern here?

> I spent 2 weeks 
> spraying penetrating oil through the spark plug holes, then rocking the 
> car fore and aft in high gear to attempt to loosen it up. 

I poured several tablespoonfuls of a mixture of penetrating oil and
motor oil down each spark plug hole and rocked as above.  After a
couple of weeks, the pistons broke free.

> I suspect that the seized pistons are likely to be caused by rust, which 
> has the side benefit of pitting the cylinder walls and rings, causing oil 
> burning and compression loss.  If he manages to free up the engine, it 
> will be a short time before he wants to rebuild it anyway. 

Not necessarily - I got about 75,000 miles out of that engine before
it needed a rebuild (and it wasn't even all that bad at that time).

> I can't imagine that it's so hard to pull the head, even in a new
> Alfa, that it wouldn't be worth the effort. 

Have you ever tried re-timing double overhead cams?  Its not trivial;
not impossible, but not like an old pushrod, British car.

John Lye


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