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Re: Odd screws & bolts

Subject: Re: Odd screws & bolts
From: "Steve Manwell" <Steve_Manwell@WE-KNOW-ENERGY.XENERGY.COM>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 09:48:24 EST
     There is at least one vendor of older/odd British hardware that 
     advertizes in the back of Practical Classics.  Naturally they are in 
     the UK, but it should be cheap/quick enough as long as you only need a 
     small number (ie low shipping weight).
     I don't have a Practical Classics handy, but I can look details if you 
     need them.

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Subject: Odd screws & bolts
Author: (thomas walter x5955) at INTERNET
Date:    7/29/96 11:03 AM


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