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re: Odd screws & bolts

Subject: re: Odd screws & bolts
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 96 17:19:13 EDT
Tom Walter asks of the "shop-talk" list:

> Looking for some ODD BALL screw's and plug, any and all pointers
> are appreciated. ;-)

> 5mm x 0.75mm thread.   ISO standard is 5mm x 0.80mm thread. These screws
>                  were used by Hitachi for a total of 6 months production
>                  when they went from SAE fine thread to Metric (1967)
>                  (appearantly the 0.75mm was the FRENCH standard)

Indeed, this is the French Standard which was adopted my MG when they 
used Hotchkiss designed engines for the MMM cars.

You'll find these on MG engines up to the XPEG, mostly 8mm x 1

> PLUG 3/8 x 19 tpi      Another odd ball, this one from the days of
>                  Austin Motor Company, they kept the British size
>                  on the oil filler hole. (USA had either 14 tpi or
>                  18 tpi).

This is known as "British Standard Pipe" or BSP.  This is still used for 
many unions and plugs.  The MGB oil cooler, for example. (larger than 3/8)

The other ancient British standards are British Standard Whitworth (BSW),
British Standard Fine (BSF) and British Association (BA). 

The following is a source of British threaded stuff:

        Metric & Multistandard Components Corporation,
        198 Saw Mill River Road,
        Elmsford, NY 10523

Source: The MG T Series handbook (Chip Old research?)

I have seen ads in "British Marque News", but don't have a back issue.

Peter Ross

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