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Re: MIG Welders

To: "W. R. Gibbons" <>,
Subject: Re: MIG Welders
From: "Burstein, Wayne M. x281" <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 96 16:28:00 EST
>No, the SP-100 is a MIG welder from the start.  I suppose you could put
>flux core wire through it, but I never have.  I think (not sure) the flux
>core one is called something like the "Weld-Pack 100."  I haven't really
>kept up with what is available since I have not been tempted to replace

You are correct -- the Weld-Pack 100 is a flux core machine that is
upgradeable to MIG.  I have one that I purchased at a very attractive
price of $270 and I also purchased the MIG kit for $85.  I have never
used it with the supplied roll of flux core wire, but have used it quite
a bit on solid core.  It works great on sheet metal, but like the
earlier post said, 1/8" plate is really pushing its' capabilities.

>Unless you are really pressed for money, I would get a MIG unit right
>away; I suspect you will want it sooner or later and I would worry that
>gas conversions might not be integrated as well as units that were gas
>from the start.

I have not found this to be the case -- my unit, as well as a friend's
identical setup, work flawlessly.  One caveat is that this is not
an appropriate tool for heavy duty work.

Wayne Burstein

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