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Re: Tappet adjustment tool

To: Roger Garnett <>
Subject: Re: Tappet adjustment tool
From: Phil Ethier <>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 09:53:20 -0600 (CST)
On Friday, 2 Feb 1996, Roger Garnett wrote:

> I haven't seen those, but I have one that's even nicer. It's a machinsts dial
> guage, (Center plunger type) with stand and adapters to mount on top of the
> valve/rocker arm. You then move the rocker arm, and get a direct reading of
(fine instructions deleted)
> Sorry, but I have no idea where you could buy one today-

You're joking.

> it's 50-60's vintage, 

Actually, they are timeless.  These have been made for over a century, I 
bet, and they are still made today all over the world.

> in a nice custom wood case. 

True, the new ones generally come in  plastic boxes with clear lids.

>I got mine at a garage auction. 

Good place.  Used-tool stores, too.  New ones from any decent automotive or 
machinist's tool store.  This is one of those things I don't still have 
from my machinist days.  I really ought to pick one up.

For old-British-car enthusiasts like Roger, things are a bit easier.  
Magnetic bases are the most common way to fixture these things, and so a 
cast-iron cylinder head works well.  There are myriad clamps and arms 
available to facilitate fastening it to an alloy head for rocker 
adjustments.  A dial indicator will come in handy for checking wheels, 
brake disks and all kinds of things around the shop

Phil Ethier <>

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