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Rear Wheel Cylinders TD

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Subject: Rear Wheel Cylinders TD
From: "Bill Snyder" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 08:44:36 -0400
I reaasembled my TD's braking system over the weekend after opening the
corroded fluid return hole in the master cylinder. Fluid now returns
beautifully allowing the brakes to release like a charm. 
I then found that my left rear cylinder was not working. The brakes
would engage when the parking brake lever was pulled, but not when the
brake pedal was pushed. I removed, dissassembled and reassembled the
cylinder, checked the position of springs and shoes, etc., but still no
response. After pricing a new cylinder, I went to bed Saturday night
Then, sometime during the night, I dreamed the solution! When I was
restoring the chassis and brakes, I had two sets of brake parts in
varying degrees of oxidation and decrepitude. I chose the best of the
parts to rebuild. The rear brake cylinders had two styles of handbrake
levers that varied only slightly from each other. One set was slightly
wider with a right angle corner on the inside curve. The other has a
more curved design and is slightly narrower on both ends. The one I had
placed in the cylinder originally was the wider variety. After church,
I changed them out, and the cylinder worked fine! Apparently the wider
design was maintaining downward pressure on the cylinder piston and not
allowing it to move.
Has anyone noted this anomaly before. Are there any markings on the
cylinders themselved to indicate which lever to use? As an addendum, the
right rear cylinder has the other type parking brake lever installed on
it but works fine. I am leaving well enough alone! I compared the other
cylinder cores that I have and can tell no visible difference in them
compared to the ones on the car.
I wish I could solve all of my problems in my sleep like that.
Bill Snyder
'53 TD

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