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Re: Rear axle shafts

Subject: Re: Rear axle shafts
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 21:02:31 -0600
Charlie Baldwin wrote:
> It seems that it is a common occurrence to hear of someone with a TD or 
> TF breaking an axle shaft.  This would lead one to believe that the 
> original axle shafts are marginal in strength or resistance to fatigue 
> failure.  Many in the T series community have done something to increase 
> the power of their engine, whether it be supercharging or tuning by some 
> other means.  If the axle shafts are inherently weak, then how do these 
> hopped up street cars or racers fair?  Do they break axle shafts with 
> regularity?  Perhaps the currently available shafts have much better 
> strength due to better design or metallurgy.
> Is there anyone on the list who races his TD or TF or has done something 
> to substantially increase the power?  What have you done to avoid broken 
> shafts?  If they are available, who supplies stronger shafts and 
> approximately how much power can they handle?

My first car out of High School was a 1949 MG TC. Soon after I bought 
it, one of the axles snapped in the middle. I took the broken halves to 
a neighborhood machine shop and had them mounted in a lathe and center 
bored to take a 5/16" steel rod with a tight press fit. I hammered the 
assembly together, then ground the join area down to a deep groove and 
had the whole shebang welded with some really good strong welding rod 
and then ground it smooth, leaving the general repair area a bit on the 
thick side. I owned the car for a few months more, before my father 
forced me to sell it. I never any further trouble with the axle after 
the repair. If I owned a T-Series and had an axle break, this is exactly 
what I would do to repair it.

My Victor TF-1 is an MG TF replica, but uses all MGB running gear, power 
train, brakes and suspension, so it's not prone to this sort of failure.

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