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Rear axle shafts

To: T Series List <>
Subject: Rear axle shafts
From: Charlie Baldwin <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 20:36:41 -0500
It seems that it is a common occurrence to hear of someone with a TD or 
TF breaking an axle shaft.  This would lead one to believe that the 
original axle shafts are marginal in strength or resistance to fatigue 
failure.  Many in the T series community have done something to increase 
the power of their engine, whether it be supercharging or tuning by some 
other means.  If the axle shafts are inherently weak, then how do these 
hopped up street cars or racers fair?  Do they break axle shafts with 
regularity?  Perhaps the currently available shafts have much better 
strength due to better design or metallurgy.
Is there anyone on the list who races his TD or TF or has done something 
to substantially increase the power?  What have you done to avoid broken 
shafts?  If they are available, who supplies stronger shafts and 
approximately how much power can they handle?
Charlie Baldwin
'52 TD, York, PA
working on a friends TD with lots of HP

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