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Re: TD Steering Wheel Paint Color

Subject: Re: TD Steering Wheel Paint Color
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 08:49:51 -0500
   I think Lawrie gave a good answer. Unfortunately, I deleted it a
couple of days ago, so can't recall specific points. 
   The original TD wheels was moulded of a plastic that was close in
color to the instrument panel paint.  It had a pearlescent (if that's a
genuine word) finish to it, that is, there was a depth to the color that
was three-dimensional. Though close to the color of the painted hub, it
wasn't quite as dark-metal in color.
   Unfortunately, as the wheels aged, at least here in the heat of the
USA, the plastic aged, shrank and cracked, so after 15 years or so it
resembled the bones of a fried-chicken carcass.  
   Moss wheel repros of the 1970s were a mottled grey plastic. Observers
of the one on my car think it's kind of cool, but I've never liked its
appearance.  The Moss wheel repros today are much better, much closer in
color to the originals.   I believe their color is a bit light, but color
memory is a not something that any of us have all that well.  ( I sold
paint in a hardware store when in college--people have no memory of
colors except in a context)  
   Were I repainting a wheel, I would look through all the metallic
finishes in the auto touch-up section, and find one that is close to the
instrument panel paint, just a touch lighter.     Or, since the
difference is really so slight, just use the dash-panel spray paint,
which is metallic.   The paint for the top bows is too creamy, and it's
not metallic/pearlescent.

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 17:31:46 -0500 Bill Snyder <>
> I am in the process of restoring my original '53 TD Steering Wheel 
> with  POR epoxy putty. Can anyone tell me how to match the original
> Is  it the same as the bronze or the instrement panel? or perhaps the 
> color  of the top and side curtain frames? Any help or advice
> Bill Snyder
> '66 MGB
> '53 TD under construction

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