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RE: The Lucas Song - Additional Verse, per request

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Subject: RE: The Lucas Song - Additional Verse, per request
From: "James Fischer" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 21:15:30 -0500 said:

> I think that a fitting additional verse to this little ditty could
> contain something to the effect that the majority of the problems with
> Lucas electrics, rest squarley with owners that don't know anything
> about electrical wiring and who do a trememdous job of screwing up
> perfectly good wiring and parts.

By your command...

Optional Last Verse:

But when your curse and scream
and rend your garments with despair.
And when you smash your voltmeter
and start to tear your hair.

Just recall that any ground can be
rusty, good, poor, bad, or fair.
And check those grounding points!

Fuses, Lordy, how we blew 'em!
Regulators - we went through 'em.
But grounding points when we unscrewed 'em,
we found far too much gunk!

Lucas, Lucas how they curse you,
far too many just eschew you.
But few admit they never knew you,
and they don't know volts at all!


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