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RE: Brake Bleeding Tools

To: "'Hermance, Jonathan'" <Jonathan_Hermance@ATK.COM>,
Subject: RE: Brake Bleeding Tools
From: "James Fischer" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:19:00 -0400
Mity-Vac works just fine when you are using
it to PUMP from the master cylinder, rather
than draw a vacumn at the bleeder screws.

This requires one to find a cap that will
fit the threads of the master cylinder, and
attach a fitting, but once you have it,
bleeding is a very easy one-man operation.

If you are forced to bleed without such a
cap, a dab of grease smeared around the
threads and shaft of the bleeder screw works
wonders.  The tiny air bubbles are being drawn
through gaps in the (loose) threads, so no
amount of fiddling with the hose fitting on
the bleeder screw will eliminate the tiny


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