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Re: Brake Bleeding Tools

To: Eugene Balinski <>
Subject: Re: Brake Bleeding Tools
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 14:36:48 -0400

    I think you'll discover that the TD brake system doesn't lend itself 
to MityVac or EziBleed.  It may be a matter of its venting technique.  
At least that's been my experience.

 I've been quite successful using a checkvalve in a piece of tubing 
connected to the bleeder valve.  I put the valved end of the tubing into 
a transparent container that is outside of the fender area.  I then 
crack open the bleeder and operate the brake pedal by means of a long 
piece of wood (2x3) that I can push from behind the car.  This allows me 
to see the end of the tubing so that I can tell when the air bubbles/old 
fluid are finished and clean fluid is coming thru.  When this point is 
reached you just tighten the bleeder valve and go to the next wheel.

Just be certain to not allow the master cylinder get too low.  It may 
sound Rube Goldbergish, but it works for me.  The bleeder checkvalves 
are readily available in many auto supply stores.

Bud Krueger

Eugene Balinski wrote:

>   I am getting ready to help my friend with some brake
>work on his 53 'TD.  Part of that will be to bleed the
>brakes.   I was going to purchase one of the bleeders such
>as a MityVac (sp?) or equivalent.  
>   I would like to get some feedback from people who have
>used such an item.   Also, are there better ways?  The
>reason that I am leaning towards this method is that one
>person has full control over the process.
>Thanks in advance,
>  Gene Balinski
>       80 B
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