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MG TD Grill Surround

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Subject: MG TD Grill Surround
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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:59:29 -0400
I would like to introduce my self to the list.  I am a new owner of a 51 MG TD. 
 The car will under go a restoration this winter and be ready for sumer 2004.

I need some advice on the front grill surround.  What can be done to remove the 
dents and ripples from this item?  I this something a plater can do, or do I 
need to have a body shop straighten the dents first?

This is a rust free car with the original wood still intact.  I want to make a 
really decent driver and not a concours car. ( I beleive all of these should be 

My past cars have been an Austion Healy 3000, Triumph TR6, TR4A, TR4, & TR3, 
MGB and a midget (later years.

Thanks for any direction 

Rick Taylor
51 MG TD

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