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Battery Question

Subject: Battery Question
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 13:37:46 EDT
Last year the generator quit working on my 65 Jag as I pulled out of my 
driveway for an out-of-town rally.  Having no time to waste, I bought an extra 
battery and a digital voltmeter at Pep Boys along the way.  To save battery 
I avoided using the starter by roll starting and parking with the engine 
running and also not using the lights.

The battery survived two 70-mile rallies and finally gave out after 350 miles 
without charging -- just 50 miles from home.  Periodic voltage readings were 
taken and it seems to me that the battery registered about 10 volts when the 
car rolled to a stop on Interstate 75.  We then installed the backup battery. 
So I guess the coil shuts down at that level.  The reason the battery lost 
voltage:  I was driving with the overdrive on and the solenoid was energized.  

I wonder how much farther I could have gone???  While enduring the dilemma, 
nobody could give a definitive answer about how long the car would run.  And 
nobody came close to guessing 350 miles!

John Olman

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