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Fat Chance Garage
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The Fat Chance Garage, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a small business devoted to the Triumph Sports car.
Currently the focus is on the small chassis Spitfire but services and parts, new and some used, are available for
other common Triumph models in the US of A. I don't know nuttin 'bout no Mayflowers!

Over the last quarter century or so I've acquired a pile of dirty, rusty, broken, NOS [new old stock], useful, rare, oddball stuff. As of January, 2002, I've been making an attempt to start cleaning up some of this stuff, putting some of the items on Ebay. Check it out, maybe you'll stumble across something you need. Sorry, no working overdrives ready to plunk in. I also deal in new Triumph parts, perhaps I can assist you with those.

As of December, 2001, these web pages are getting an overhaul so there isn't much useful information at the moment.  Stay tuned.....

Email: fcg @ autox.team.net

Fax: 801-355-5438

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