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 whooooooo hooooooogo blue
    On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 12:55:14 PM PDT, David Friedlander <forzion7 at gmail.com> wrote:  
 My thanks to all who provided insights and "next time" ideas for my "stick" TR3 oil pan. I am happy to report [finally] success!
The ingredients for this success were:- Not giving up- A loooooonnnnng, large, flat-blade screwdriver- A BFH- And a creative angle/approach for the above.     tools, to reach the front lip of the pan
The only casualty of this struggle is the front aluminum sealing block,heavily dinged by the above-mentioned screwdriver. Though the part is NLS by the usual sources, I believe I have found one on eBay.
Now, let's try this again. On to the Blue Hylomar!
Thanks again to all who responded!


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“M” or “AF”


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Now here’s a question – Which “Hylomar”? There are a number of different part numbers.




It sort of reminds me of when I go to the local NAPA store and there are 55 million different varieties of Loctite, Permatex, etc.



Alex Thomson


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> I installed the oil pan on my TR3 using "The Right Stuff." I now find I need to remove my oil pan. Anyone have any ideas on "creative ways" to remove the oil pan without destroying it?


Why I never use and hate Right Stuff.  When you do get the pan off it will be a bitch getting the surfaces clean.  Use Hylomar next time.


Peter Arakelian

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