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 It sounds like you've done your homework and it looks like the relay is faulty.  What happens if you pull the purple/yellow and the purple wires off of the relay and touch them together?
The OE metal can relays are a bit pricey but you can get a standard cube relay at your local FLAPS which will work fine.  If you get one of those connect the purple/black and one of the purple wires to pins 85 and 86 (some relays have a diode so connect the purple wire to terminal 86 just in case) and connect the other purple and the purple/yellow wires to terminals 87 and 30.

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Thanks David. You always have good advice. I’m getting about 9 volts on the purple and yellow wire with the bottom pushed. 11.7 volts on the purple with the button pushed. The relay is only operating intermittently now and I am pretty confident it is toes up. I’ve cleaned all of the contacts and tested the horns with direct power. One worked well and I had to disassemble the high tone. Cleaned the points and it appears to be operational now. I’m going to do a bit of cleanup and reassemble it this morning. I’m relatively confident that a new relay will get me done with this little project. Regards, David Gill

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 The follow-up question is what voltage do you read on the Purple wire when the horn button is pushed?  There could be a poor connection anywhere in that line and at the fuse itself.  Try disconnection and reconnecting everything (that is convenient) in that circuit.  This will scrape off some of the accumulated corrosion and can make things work again.
Do the easy stuff first, I always say.  (Sometimes I even follow my advice. ;-) )

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Subject: [TR] Horn relay questions  I have a 5 pin horn relay on my 1976 TR6 that appears to be original.  I am only getting 9 volts on the purple/yellow output to the horns so I am assuming a bad relay, but I cannot find the purpose of the 5th pin.  It is not the horn ground from the push button, input from the fuse box or output to the horns.  My wiring diagrams all show only 4 pins for the relay.  I cannot read the pin identifiers so there is no help there.  The wire is black with a tracer color that is faded so I cannot determine what it is.  Any ideas would be appreciated. David Gill1976 TR6  ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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